Happy 2014 "Mix Tape"

I used to make real mix tapes for friends when I was in high school.  I had a little stereo with tape-to-tape recording capabilities and I would spends hours in my bedroom making what I thought was the perfect mix.  We all had tape decks in our cars and mix tapes were a much better jam than anything on the radio.  Not only that, but before the internet, this was the best way to find out about new bands and underground bands.

There is something that still charms me about making mixes.  I love the idea of sharing something as personal as, "This is the song I can't stop listening to right now!"  I also love playing DJ in my bedroom, painstakingly choosing the exactly perfect song to go after this other song - the process of mixing and matching beats, moods, and musical ideas.

So, to kick 2014 off in style I made the modern version of a mix tape - a YouTube playlist.  I spent hours picking out just the right songs and finding a way to seam them together in a cohesive manner.  Please check out my mix.  It's filled with music that I have found to be inspiring to me as a singer and musician.  I hope it's interesting and inspiring to you as well.  Here's to a new year filled with creativity and passion!

Link: HAPPY 2014 "Mix Tape" on YouTube