Molly is a transformational vocal coach. Because of her dedication and personalized approach, I was able to evolve from an untrained community choir singer to a member of the highly selective Colorado Symphony Orchestra Chorus in just 10 months. She supported and challenged me through every step of my audition preparation and showed remarkable versatility and expertise in her lesson plans. I especially appreciate Molly’s thoughtfulness outside of the studio; she continually shared helpful articles and recordings with me and went above and beyond to ensure my success.
— Clair Tannenbaum
Molly Zackary is a true professional when it comes to music performance, on and off the stage. On the stage her talent shines and she captivates audiences with her natural vocal talent and showmanship. Her operatic training and years of performance experience are evident in her fine tuned vocal technique and delivery. Molly knows the meaning of teamwork on the bandstand and is comfortable taking the lead as well as supporting roles. Off the stage she is a hardworking and organized leader who knows how to get things done, everything from calling rehearsals, booking shows, organizing the band’s music, to any myriad of other loose ends needing to be tied up. Molly is a woman of action and it is always a pleasure to share the stage with her.
— Dustin Adams
The Fakebooks [now known as the Jazzabaloo] and Molly Zackary were the best addition to our wedding. Their jazz reception was the perfect, fun transition between the ceremony and the dinner; their music brought joy and fun to everyone present, and Molly even provided a spontaneous First Dance opportunity for the newlyweds! I would recommend The Fakebooks and Molly Zackary to absolutely anyone planning a wedding. They are wonderful people, easy to work with, affordable, and highly talented musicians.
— Jaime Marston-Cook