My music studio is located at 910 Arts, in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District.  Lessons at this location are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Contact me to schedule a lesson.

Rates vary depending on whether you sign up for recurring lessons or choose the drop-in option.  There are some sliding scale slots open for students in need.


  • Recurring Lessons:
    • $30/30 min; $45/45 min; $60/60 min
    • Schedule only the weeks that you will be able to attend.
    • No cancelations or refunds given for any reason.
  • Drop-in Lessons:
    • $37.50/30 min; $54.25/45 min; $75/60 min
    • Schedule as many or as few lessons as you want.
    • Lessons may occur on different days and times.
    • Students choosing drop-in scheduling get cancelation privileges.

I am available for lessons in voice and piano Swallow Hill Music Association in Denver, CO.  For more information about lessons at Swallow Hill click here.  

For more information about me click here.


Contact me for more information about my teaching schedule.

Molly Zackary