Sunday Listens: Fresh Local Music, Vol. I

This post is part of the Sunday Listens series where I post about music that's exciting/interesting to me.  Sometimes from the perspective of a voice teacher and usually on Sundays.  Get your week started right with awesome tuneage.

This week, as usual, I drowned my sorrows by actively seeking out beautiful works of art.  There was much to process in the news, especially in local Denver news, and especially as it pertains to Denver's art scene.

I didn't know Colin Ward, musician, filmmaker, visual artist, but a lot of my friends did.  His face is familiar and perhaps we did meet at a show.  That's the haunting part for me - to think of the many folks I've met at shows in the 20+ years I've been attending DIY events in this town, and how each one of those individuals certainly played a role in shaping a community that is so special to me.  

Here's my point: that if you live in a town (you probably do), then there is vibrant arts scene there.  Whether you play a large role in it, or just drop in every now and then, you benefit from it's existence.  Art is a defining feature of our lived human experience, right?  Therefore, it's the responsibility of every one of us to care for not just art itself, but the creators of that art.

I can't speak to Colin's life, because I am only now learning about how deep his artistic output was, but this article in the Westword is a beautiful testimony, as is his YouTube page.

In an attempt to honor Colin Ward, and the community that cherishes him, I am going to write a series of blogposts that promote Denver musicians.  I am also going to encourage you to buy their music on digital platforms, buy tickets to their shows, and in general make it a point to be a fan to local musicians.  

When musicians are able to pay their bills, they can continue to create art.

First up, PRODUCT LUST.  Brutal, raging, and necessary.  Their bandcamp page has the best recordings.  This video is also great:

Next up, LEOMAR MENDEZ.  Energetic rapping en español out of Boulder.  Fun scenes from the Boulder skate park in this video.  Be sure to check out his Soundcloud page as well.

Finally, for this week, THE JOSHUA TRINIDAD QUARTET.  Y'all know I love jazz that pushes boundaries, but did you know there are plenty of Colorado musicians putting cutting edge sounds out into the atmosphere?  Be sure to buy tickets to his upcoming date at Dazzle.  And watch the video for a taste of what futuristic trumpeting you might be in store for.

What is the music scene in your hometown like? What shows are you going to this week?  What local artists are you excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments!

[Hey, music fans! Did you know that purchasing albums, from digital platforms or your local record store, help support musicians who sacrifice pretty much everything for the sake of creating life-changing sounds?  Don't stream; Collect!]